Over 17 million Military Veterans live in the USA.

Every one has a story to tell

Are you A U.S. Military Veteran?
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Our mission is to empower the at-risk population (youth to seniors) through multimedia arts & technology, and digitally preserve the untold histories of our community citizens and U.S. Veterans.

Our Impact

We serve Florida’s vulnerable communities, including veterans and Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons.

Last year we engaged multimedia arts students and staff at a variety of facilities across the State of Florida (museums, veterans organizations including, nursing homes, American Legions and VFW sites) to electronically interview¬† more than 40 veterans who served in the United States Armed Services. This year our plan is to increase the number of students dramatically (10-20 or more) and the number of veterans’ interviews to 60-80.
Our goal is to serve 200+ at risk youth and veterans combined, on a yearly basis.
Veterans Die Everyday

We have a sense of urgency to complete interviews as quickly as possible. 

After the WWII interviews are complete, we will interview veterans from the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

All interviews are archived for posterity with the Library of Congress where friends and families can view for generations to come.

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At-Risk Youth Served Yearly

We uplift our disadvantaged high school (11 & 12th grade) and college students by providing hands on education in media arts and technology.

Our Believe & Achieve Multicultural Histories Project helps younger generations develop a business concept built on a production company foundation to strengthen workforce skills.

Our Partnerships

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